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Email Template Example For Networking Musicians in the Music Industry

Here is an email template example designed to assist you in garnering the attention and response of music industry professionals when reaching out via email.


Subject Line Examples:

1. "Inquiry Regarding Possible Collaboration"

2. "Exploring Exploring Potential Collaborations

3. "Professional Inquiry: Insight and Feedback Request"

4. "Opportunities for Collaboration: A Brief Overview"

5. "Seeking Professional Feedback and Advice"

Dear [First Name/Mr./Ms./Mrs.] [Last Name],

Liz Tip: Opt for a more formal approach by using the last name, such as "Dear Mr. Smith," especially in professional settings like a record label. If you haven't met the person, refrain from using their first name. However, when reaching out to individuals for potential social connections, like fellow musicians or music industry professionals—similar to how you'd approach me, Liz—it's appropriate to use a more casual greeting such as "Dear Liz" or "Hey/Hi Liz!"

My name is [Your Name], and I operate under the artist name [Your Artist Name]. Thank you for taking a moment to read my email. Allow me to provide a brief glimpse into my musical journey. (Then share a short bio in two to three sentences and provide a unified link to your social media platforms using services like Linktree or Beacons.)

I've dedicated [X amount of years] to cultivating my craft, and I'm excited to share my latest work with you. Attached is a link to [insert one to two tracks, no more than TWO!]

Liz Tip: When sharing links to your music, whether released or unreleased, opt for a platform that ensures easy access. Avoid complications like passwords, sign-ups, or app downloads, as they may hinder professionals from listening. I suggest sharing an unlisted YouTube or Soundcloud link for a seamless experience.

I am sharing these tracks with you as I've observed your work with [insert artists' names], and the resonance of their music with mine is quite similar. In a nutshell, my music can be described as [insert one-line summary].

Liz Tip: DO YOUR RESEARCH ON WHO YOU ARE WRITING TO. Your music needs to be in their wheelhouse. If you are a metal artist, do not write to someone who works with classical artists. They will not respond and likely do not have the connections to help you.

I am not sure if you are taking any new clients or listening to submissions right now. But I have spent the last (insert amount of years) building my career to where it is today. My fan base has consistently grown over (x number of years). My top platform is (insert platform and amount of followers OR top song and amount of streams). My engagement is increasing year after year, and I believe you are the best person to help build on the small but solid foundation I have created.

If you're open to it, I'd be more than happy to provide my detailed social media and Spotify for Artists analytics and discuss how we might collaborate. Thank you for your time; I deeply respect your significant contributions to artists within the music industry.


[Your Name]

[Your Website]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Email]



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