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One Sheet Example Template (For Independent Musicians)

A One Sheet is an effective method to present yourself is through a pdf document or a one page website that summarizes your recent 1-2 years of ticket sales (if available), key social media metrics on prominent platforms, a concise biography, a comprehensive link to your socials and website, and a maximum of two links to your music. It's crucial to keep in mind that individuals have limited attention spans, so this one-sheet aims to assure them that you can sell tickets and align with their preferences in terms of musical style, age demographics, and more.

A one-sheet can also serve as an impactful tool when reaching out to potential managers, songwriters, and other collaborators. Tailor its content based on the specific objectives you aim to achieve.

I recommend either hiring a graphic designer or using a free template on to kickstart your one-sheet creation.

Here is a checklist to help you create a one-sheet

Short Bio:

Provide a concise bio that sets you apart from other bands/artists, offering compelling reasons for people to pay attention to your music. Avoid generic statements like "You’ve never heard of a band like ours…I am an artist you have been waiting for your whole career" and focus on sharing stories and using descriptive terms to define your sound.

Publicity Photo:

Incorporate a professionally-shot publicity photo to make a strong first impression. Avoid using live or rehearsal shots taken casually, and consider how the photo can narrate the story of your music. Look at similar bands you admire for inspiration on visual representation.

Selling Points:

Highlight factors that give people a reason to take notice of you. Showcase instances where fans or industry professionals have acknowledged your work. Mention festival performances, collaborations with established bands or producers, strong social media stats, and any impactful press quotes that add to your credibility.

Album, EP, or Single Release:

Mention your upcoming release with details such as release title, UPC, release date, and cover art. If you don't have a forthcoming release, include one from the past year. If there's press coverage, incorporate the top three press quotes.


If you have upcoming tour dates, include them to demonstrate your active involvement in the music scene. This provides insight into the venues you're playing and the markets where your potential audience resides. If you don't have tour dates, emphasize other areas where your band remains active.

Below is a fabricated one-sheet I crafted for myself; it's entirely fictional as I'm not an artist, but it provides a template. Treat this as your musical resume. Feel free to customize the design to your liking while maintaining the essential information, and adjusting the numbers, experiences, awards, etc., to accurately reflect your profile.

If you would like to download the image above as a pdf, click below

One Sheet Example
Download PDF • 1.73MB



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