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The Independent Musician’s Handbook: How To Succeed and Navigate The Music Industry. By Liz The Music Manager (Liz Kamlet). ©Windsong Entertainment 2024

The Independent Musician’s Handbook

  • This is a digital download. I've included a sample chapter and a few pages from the guide to provide you with a preview of its structure, along with the table of contents and my editor's note outlining what you can anticipate. This comprehensive guide represents years of meticulous compilation and is designed to position you for success. There's absolutely no gatekeeping – it's a resource crafted to empower and support you on your journey

  • We are going to dive into the wild world of the Music Industry – a love-hate relationship we all can relate to! It's like being in a massive group chat where everyone either knows everyone else or is somehow related. This guide is your cheat sheet to the music biz, perfect for musicians, artists, managers, music students (past or present), or anyone just curious about the language we throw around in our musical lives.


    Now, I dropped a small fortune, close to half a million bucks, on my education (which, let's be honest, is a bit much). But hey, it's not about the money; it's about the crazy experiences, diverse places, and the awesome people I met along the way. This guide? It took me a solid decade to piece together, and it's only about 110 pages – a far cry from the mountains of reports, research papers, and presentations I had to churn out at three different universities.


    You don't need a college degree to hit the big leagues. Seriously, none of the legendary artists I work with (past and present) have one. They chased their dreams with passion, talent, and a total disregard for what others thought. They met the right (and some wrong) folks at the right time and became legends. You can too! Remember, knowledge is power. The key is to exhibit kindness and authenticity in a world full of imitations.


    Don’t be shy! Feel free to drop a note or follow me on social media! You can find me on TikTok at @lizthemusicmanager, Instagram at @lizkamlet, and for any business-related emails, reach out to


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